First Time Using Babydex-A MS by Charis

31 March 2021

Previously, Charis, who often experienced redness on the skin, always used Babydex-A Diaper Rash to relieve itching and redness. After found out that Babydex-A has released a new variant which called Babydex-A Moisturizing and Soothing Cream then we tried it. This cream also has a lot of benefit which are works well on skin. Babydex-A Moisturizing and Soothing Cream has enriched with Essential Oils such as Eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and chamomile oil. The cream is also able to give a sense of calm and comfort so that our little one can rest soundly.

Children’s skin problem such as rashes, dry skin and so on can be caused by several factors such as weather, insect bites, pollution to dust. So, that's why Charis's mother always tries to maintain her health, like regularly using Babydex-A MS.