How to Take Care Diaper Rash when Your Babies are Sick

27 December 2016

Moms, is there anything worse than your babies getting sick? Yes, of course there are. It’s when your babies are sick and infected by diaper rash at the same time.

When your babies are sick, Moms must be worried and sad to hear your babies cry non-stop, with difficulty to sleep at night. Especially when they usually don’t act like that. This is a normal indication when something is not right and your babies feel uncomfortable because of it.

If you take care of your babies’ illness but they are still crying and not sleeping at night, there might be other things that disturb them. You can try to check the area that covered by diaper, to see if there is indication of diaper rash or not.

Illness that your babies suffer from, even if it is as common as cold or influenza, can affect the frequency of your babies’ excretion. This situation can possibly increase possibility of your babies getting suffered from diaper rash. Moreover, it may also worsen diaper rash that your babies have already suffered from. Diaper rash may increase uncomfortable feeling for your babies, and they would cry because of that. It can also increase your stress level, Moms.

There are many things that you can do to reduce uncomfortable feeling from diaper rash, Moms. Those are:

1. Change Your Babies’ Diaper as Often as Possible

If your babies’ excretion become more frequent, try to change their diaper as often as possible, even though the diaper is not wet yet.

To heal diaper rash when your babies are sick is a challenge that need persistence, Moms. Before changing the diaper, clean the area covered by diaper softly and always apply Babydex-A to protect your babies’ skin from irritation and humidity. Repeat these steps everytime you change your beloved babies’ diaper, Moms.

2.  Apply Babydex-A

This is very important, Moms. Apply Babydex-A cream every time you change your babies’ diaper. Your babies’ skin is very sensitive so it needs a good layer of protection that can always keep the area covered by diaper to stay dry and humid-free.

3.  Hug Full of Love

The uncomfortable feeling from diaper rash will increase when you change your babies’ diaper. After changing their diaper, give your babies a hug full of love. This will also make your beloved babies feel better and calmer.

Hope these tips are useful for you, Moms. Good luck, Moms!