What Triggers Diaper Rash

19 January 2017

Moms, when that diaper rash on your baby doesn't go away? although you did everything to prevent it, such as frequent changes of diaper, kept your baby's skin clean, even until we already get our baby a correct size for his diaper and clothes.  But why does our baby still have diaper rash? moms, one of the triggers that causes diaper rash is food.

At 5 - 6 months old, we usually introduce our baby to solid foods. This will change the texture and the frequency of the baby's poop, especially when the baby still can't digest the food well. This is one of the factor that triggers baby rash.  Several types of food that can triggers baby rash are types of oranges, tomatoes, pineapples, and grapes. The protein inside wheat, milk products, soy, and nuts could also trigger diaper rash. So I suggest that moms stay away from that type of food until the baby is one year old, and until the baby's digestion system can properly digest those type of foods well.

When the baby already stay away from types of food that triggers diaper rash but they still got diaper rash, moms, please pay attention to the food that you eat. The food that moms eat can be transferred through breast milk which eventually effects the baby. So in other words, diaper rash can be triggers by the foods that moms eat, not only what the babies eat.

Besides causing allergy, some types of food can cause diarrhea for your baby as well.  When the baby have diarrhea, the chance for the baby to get diaper rash also increases significantly. So please take precaution when moms are choosing what food to introduce to your baby.  If the baby still breastfeeding, please pay attention as well to the food that you eat moms. And also when you want to introduce a new type of food for the baby, please wait about 4 days so later on you can determine which food that causes your baby allergy or diaper rash.

Treat your baby's diaper rash by cleaning the covered area gently before changing the diaper. Using Babydex-A diaper rash cream will protect your baby's skin from rashes and dampness, and reapply the cream everytime you change your baby's diaper.

Hopefully this article helps Moms!!