Gift Basket Ideas for Mom-To-Be

19 January 2017

Moms, it is a very exciting time if one of your friends will join the moms club. It'll be fun to pick and choose gifts for mom to be and their babies.

We all want the gift to be interesting and useful for moms to be. Milk bottles or baby stroller usually comes to mind when choosing a gift, but sometimes it lacks the creativity in choosing the gift.

We have a few ideas for gifts that makes it fun, useful and lasting.  One of the most important activities is changing a baby's diaper, either at home or on the go, won't you agree? So here are some ideas for a gift basket :

1. Diaper bag. This might be a very personal choice for a gift but if it's for your best friend there's no doubt that this is a good choice for a gift especially when they don't have one yet. There are many styles to choose from and with varying budgets as well.  Some moms wants it a bit more feminine and choose the one that look like a handbag,  some will choose a more casual style that looks like a backpack. Maybe they will choose style that looks good when the husband carries it as well.

2. On the go changing pad. This gift is very useful especially when you're travelling with the baby. You can leave it in the car or you can always bring it with you in the diaper bag.  It consist of foldable changing pad with pockets to hold your spare diaper and wet tissues.

3. Diaper pail. No moms would let the smell of a dirty diaper to spoil the inside of a house. The diaper pail is very useful to keep the dirty diaper smell away from the rest of the family. The diaper pail is usually placed beside the baby's changing table.

4. Wet bags. Wet bags are usually water proof and is very useful for storing dirty diaper or baby's wet clothes while on the go. This bag can be thrown in to the washing machine along with the baby's wet clothes when  you reach home. This wet bag can also be used for later on when your baby's grown up to store wet clothes or wet swimming clothes.

5. Diaper changing sanity kit. You can put together a basket of diaper changing sanity kit such as hand sanitizer, disposable diapers, and most importantly Babydex-A diaper rash cream to keep your baby away from diaper rash. The kits can be put in a gift basket or a pretty pouch for the moms to be.

Hopefully this article helps you!