Way to Bond with Your Babies while Changing Their Diapers

27 December 2016

Moms, if you want to bond with your beloved babies, it’s best to start as early as possible and do it every time you got chance to. The most important thing is not the length of time, but the quality of activities you do during that time. Because your beloved babies will soon grow up and it would be more difficult to have quality time with them.  Your children will have a lot of activities later.

You must be slightly surprised if you know that activity of changing diaper is a way for you – the parents – to bond with your beloved babies. Maybe you were wondering, “How is that possible?” This question came because just like you all already know, babies feel uncomfortable when we changed their diapers. Babies instinctively dislike it when you’re changing their diapers.

There is even worse thing than changing your babies’ diaper. That is when you change your babies’ diaper and they already got infected by diaper rash. Your beloved babies will feel more uncomfortable than usual. And of course, it means a bigger challenge for you, Moms.

When your babies’ sensitive skin got infected by diaper rash, they will feel really uncomfortable when their skin is being touched, rubbed, or applied with unsuitable material. Despite of this uncomfortable feeling, you can take this chance to bond with your beloved babies through singing songs or rhythms, tickling them or make funny faces, anything that can distract your babies from the diaper changing activity.

This kind of interaction will get you Moms closer to your beloved babies. And one more thing, Moms, always use Babydex-A to cure your babies’ diaper rash. Babies’ skin is very sensitive and need a good layer of protection that can keep the area covered by diaper to stay dry and free of humidity. Babydex-A cream’s softness will calm your beloved babies, protect their sensitive skin, and keep it humid-free. Remember Moms, preventing humidity on sensitive skin is very important to cure diaper rash on your beloved babies.

As time flies by, you will figure out the best way to create pleasant ambience for your babies when changing their diaper. Even if your babies already got infected by diaper rash.

Usually, on your babies early age, relaxing songs will work to calm your babies. For 3 to 9 months old babies, they usually attracted to any funny faces you make, little tickling, or cheerful songs that you sing. For 9 to 13 months old babies, usually your babies will react to any weird and interesting voices you make, or you can try to talk with them, Moms. You may still don’t understand what your babies said, but it’s all right.

Let’s start to build bond with your beloved babies, Moms.