Solid Foods That Could Be Causing Your Baby’s Diaper Rash

05 February 2019

Moms, diaper rash is a condition that might reduce babies comfort and oftentimes accompanied by bumps or red spots. reports that it is common for babies around 9-12 months to suffer from diaper rash if they are not kept dry and clean.

Diaper rash appears on your baby’s bottom for many potential reasons but most common causes is the introduction of solid food to your baby. According to Professor Ariyanto Harsono, a lecture in faculty of medicine at Airlangga University Surabaya said when baby starts consuming solid food for the first time, the composition and the texture of her feces changes and also the frequency of babies to defecate. Therefore, knowing the most common food that causes diaper rash will help all Moms around the world to modify your baby’s diet.

Here are some examples of certain foods that are more likely to cause diaper rashes than others.

1. Acidic Foods

Citruses are one of acidic food that might cause your little one to develop a painful diaper rash. When your baby drinks citrus juice, pureed baby foods with citruses, or just chopped citrus segments, it increases the likelihood of diaper rash.

According to the study of “Healing with Homeopathy: The Complete Guide” by Wayne B. Jonas and Jennifer Jacobs, eliminating acidic food such as citruses can help your babies recover, and accelerate the healing process of the rash. Moms may need to restrict your baby’s intake of other acidic fruits, such as grapefruits, limes, pineapple, apples, peaches, tomatoes and lemons to prevent a repeat diaper rash.

2. Protein

Diaper rash could also be caused by a sensitivity of baby towards the protein in certain foods. According to Professor Ariyanto Harsono, food that has a high protein are the one that cause most allergy to infant and adult. Certain food including oatmeal, egg yolk, beans, wheat, soy and dairy (yoghurt) are some of example that can caused your little one suffers from diaper rash.

Another food that caused diaper rash if consume by breast feeding Moms are kitchen herbs such as cinnamons. Moms need to keep in mind that cinnamons also can be found in baby’s food such as on their daily biscuit or cereals.

Furthermore, here are things all Moms can do to solve these mysterious cases of diaper rash. Moms need to feed their babies one kind of food successively for about three days before switching or introducing to a new one. This will help baby’s digestive system a chance to adapt.

Besides, it also helps all Moms to figure out potential culprit that become the issue. When you begin notice indication of diaper rashes, it might be time to reconsider your baby’s foods and start being aware to kind of foods that do not sit well with your babies.

Moreover, be sure to apply a thick layer of Babydex-A at every diaper change, especially when your baby has liquid feces. All ingredients in Babydex-A including Dexpanthenol, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A forms a protective barriers on your babies’ skin and help to prevents diaper rash.