Benefit Reading Aloud to Babies

30 October 2018

Is that true reading a story and introducing a book for babies can make them loved to reads when they grow up? Do they even understand what we are saying?

The answer to both questions explicitly “YES”. Beginning the habit early is an important because the foundation of language built in a baby’s brain during the first 3 years and the more words your baby hears, the more words babies learns.

Reading-aloud defined as a practice in which the readers read expressively and try engages the children in the context of book. Read-aloud is a very valuable way to encourage discussion and help babies work on a words that can be used in the various context of their life.

According to World’s Most Literate Nation, Indonesia ranks in 60 out of 61 countries under Thailand and Malaysia that was sorted based on reading interest. While for other countries, reading aloud have been introduced since babies and become ordinary. Here, some of the illustration that shown on how beneficial reads aloud to babies.

Reading aloud sets the stage for school readiness

By reading aloud, it helps babies become familiar with books and become common into focusing and understanding to the books. Furthermore, it will also give the babies an early awareness of reading and stronger in terms of literacy.

Reading aloud stimulates cognitive thinking skills, language skills, and enhances memory

According to report analysis of the PISA exam (Programme for International Student Assessment), the major factor influencing higher scores was whether or not a child was read on a daily basis since they were young. By reading aloud since they were young, it help in to encouraging their curiosity and enhance baby’s creativity around them.

Reading books aloud can also help build a babies’ vocabulary.

Babies who fledge in homes where they are commonly loved to read and talked will have a much greater vocabulary. Moreover reading aloud also provides babies with superior vocabulary that they will use throughout life. Study shows that the average of babies’ books is contain 50 percent more unique words compared to typical conversation or television show.

Parents, even though babies may not understand the story lines of book that you read but by hearing your voice that sounds comforting and, in time, the babies will find out meaning in the words that parents’ using. In fact, the more words parents use when speaking to an 8-month-old infant, the greater the size of their child's vocabulary at age 3.

Reading aloud helps babies bond with their parents.

During developing babies’ communication skills and language, reading aloud also helps babies to bond with their parents. As parents will take time out from their tight schedules to give babies quality time, undivided attention to showing them that they are important. The time spent together with babies also fosters communication between parent and babies. It is also a way for parents in creating special moments with babies.